Ceramic Coating

There is no better way to seal off your vehicle's paint job and protect it from the elements than a ceramic coating. Wax or lesser sealants can't measure up.


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The benefits of Ceramic Coatings are vast and you will be continually amazed at how it performs! Most people hear about the hydrophobic properties of the coating and how easy it becomes to clean the vehicle, but there is so much more. The nano ceramic particles work themselves microscopically into the pores of the paint to create a rock hard (7H or 9H) barrier between the elements and your paint finish. This is huge for the hard water problem of Northern Arizona! That mud puddle you just drove through never actually touched the paint. Ceramic coating protects from UV damage and prevents clear coat failure on the hood, roof, and trunk areas. There is a visually appealing depth that is obtained as the ceramic coating locks in a freshly prepared paint job. Automotive manufacturers have really left it up to the customer to take care of their vehicles. Clear coat doesn't do well in Arizona and repairs are expensive. Do you care about your vehicle and it appearance? Preventive maintainance can ensure an optimal finish on your ride. Click the button to protect your vehicle.

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